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 Below are the confirmed keynote addresses for the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2016. Check back soon for more information.

Chris Fisher

Fisher ChrisChristopher T. Fisher, PhD
Archaeologist, Professor
Colorado State University

Pursuing Ancient Myths and Unveiling Lost Cultures with New Technologies

The tantalizing promise of discovering ancient civilizations holds us all in thrall. Chris Fisher was part of such an expedition to Mesoamerica, following the trail of remotely-located cultures that thrived a thousand years ago and then vanished. He'll describe what they discovered and the tools they used to uncover them, of which airborne LiDAR was a key technology. He'll share approaches used for intra-site and extra-site patterning, and for revealing a complete settlement pattern of an unexplored valley within the Mosquitia tropical wilderness of Honduras as well as latest work in Mexico, and lessons learned. There were also expected and unexpected risks that came with these expeditions; Chris will share stories that might make you rethink your Indiana Jones aspirations!

David Gallo

Gallo David2David Gallo
Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives
Center for Climate and Life, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University

Beyond Titanic: The Pursuit of Tactical Oceanography

There has been rapid growth in our ability to visualize the undersea world. New sensors and new platforms have provided unparalleled information about the shape and texture of the seafloor and about the waters above. Nevertheless many challenges still exist with navigation, power, multi-sensor fusion, etc.. This presentation will use RMS TITANIC as an example of multi sensor seafloor mapping and will discuss recent advances in the ability to produce truly tactical oceanographic information.






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