March 23-25, 2020 | Walter E. Washington Convention Center | Washington, DC

2020 Keynotes

Tara is passionate about using technology to help realign natural, social, and economic systems. As the Director of Forest Programs at Planet, she oversees the company’s strategy for leveraging its unprecedented earth observation capacity to help improve the world’s ability to monitor global forests today – and account for the value of forests in the global economy tomorrow. Trained in the natural sciences, Tara began her career advancing ecosystem services research at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions…Read more here.

Michael is a lunar and planetary geologist who specializes in Comparative Planetology, using field investigations on Earth as analogs to better understand geologic processes and features seen in remote-sensing data from the Moon and Mars. His current interest is in the use of mobile LiDAR scanning for terrain mapping and navigation, and how ground-based LiDAR can be used as a scientific tool for geology and geomorphology. He is currently the project manager and principal investigator for the Kinematic Navigation and Cartography Knapsack…Read more here.

Building a Geospatial Nervous System for the Planet

Jack Dangermond, Founder & President, Esri

A landscape architect by training, Jack Dangermond founded Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) in 1969 with a vision that computer mapping and analysis could help us design a better future. Under Dangermond’s leadership, that vision has continued to guide Esri in creating cutting-edge GIS and Geodesign technologies used in every industry to make a difference worldwide. Dangermond fostered the growth of Esri from a small research group to an organization recognized as the world leader in GIS software development…Read more here.



Geo Week


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