MARCH 30 – APRIL 1, 2021 | DENVER, CO

Urban Modeling Group, New York University

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Urban Modeling Group, New York University

Lead by Prof. Debra Laefer, our mission is to change the way urban engineering is done by bridging the gap between Civil Engineering and Computer Science. We focus on developing tools to better understand the urban built environment through pioneering new means to optimize and synthesize multi-modal data collection, storage, and processing. These tools work together to auto-generate high resolution, functional models appropriate for engineering analysis and are aided by datasets of unprecedented density, comprehensiveness, and richness which our group generates.
We believe that rich 3D datasets are critical to making cities more livable, safe, and resilient. Such data and the tools to explore them allow engineers to more thoroughly assess risk, planners to envision city scale innovations, and researchers to conduct more spatio-temporally informed investigations. We support exploration and reuse of these datasets by through a single platform for data storage, management, and querying.


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