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ASPRS Lidar Certification


Are you a lidar veteran looking to advance your career?

Look no further than applying to become an ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist-Lidar or ASPRS Certified Technologist-Lidar.

Apply for the Jan. 31 exam by Dec. 15!

Follow these simple steps to determine if you are eligible to take the preparation workshop and earn your certification all while attending Geo Week.

1. Complete the general application procedure by Dec. 15, 2019

Step 1: Read carefully the “Classification Chart for Photogrammetry and Mapping Sciences.”

Step 2: Determine separately the number of years of actual job experience attained in functions that are classified as being at the professional level and in functions at the technician level.

Step 3: Read the preceding sections (“Basic Requirements” and “Educational Credit”); ascertain that actual work experience with or without educational credit meets conditions listed under “Basic Requirements.”

Step 4: If applying for initial certification download an application for Photogrammetrist/Mapping Scientist or Certified Technologist and reference forms or contact ASPRS Headquarters: send an email to or call (301) 493-0290 ext. 101.

Step 5: If applying for recertification read carefully the Section on “Recertification Guidelines” and be sure to complete the Application for Recertification and the reference forms (included in recertification application). Note: When describing experience applicants are advised to be complete. The Evaluation Committee evaluates the application data and does not assume data not presented)

Step 6: Provide names and addresses of at least four persons to whom you have sent a copy of the Confidential Reference Form. Fill out the Confidential Reference Forms with the person’s name and complete address on the top left side and forward to the respective references. Request said references to supply from their own personal knowledge facts with reference to your character and information concerning your professional qualifications and to mail the completed reference form with their name address and any accompanying letters to the Society. (Please note: Geospatial Intern applications are subject to modified requirements – see instructions above.) (NOTE: References are often the source of delays in the evaluation process. The process cannot start until the references have all been received.)

Step 7: Return your completed application form (Intern OR Certified) to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing together with the application fee indicated below. Make checks payable to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and mail to:

ASPRS Certification Program
425 Barlow Place, Suite 210,
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2160

For forms and more information visit

2. Register for ILMF and/or ASPRS Annual Conference 2019

To attend the Preparation for ASPRS Certification – Lidar workshop you may register for either ILMF, ASPRS Annual Conference, or both with an ILMF + ASPRS Annual Conference Pass.

During registration select Preparation for ASPRS Certification – Lidar when prompted to add workshops.

3. Add Preparation for ASPRS Certification – Lidar workshop to your registration

Instructor: Karen Schuckman, Penn State University

Date: Monday, January 28, 2019
Time: 3:15-5:15 pm
Cost: $125

This workshop provides an in-depth review of content contained in the ASPRS Airborne Topographic Lidar Manual. It is valuable for those planning to take the examination for ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist-Lidar, Certified Technologist-Lidar, or Intern. Workshop participants will answer practice questions and discuss answers in an interactive session. The workshop is also valuable for practitioners wishing to further their mastery of the material contained in this ASPRS publication.

During registration select Preparation for ASPRS Certification – Lidar when prompted to add workshops.

4. Sit for the proctored exam on Thursday, January 31!

The Examination is structured to emphasize the specialty area of the applicant. However applicants should be aware that certification in any specialty also requires knowledge in the other two specialties in addition to questions relating to surveying fundamentals practice ethics and standards.

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Certification Questions?

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