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3D Nation Requirements and Benefits Study

Jan 30 2019
9:00 am - 9:30 am
Centennial A-C

3D Nation Requirements and Benefits Study

NOAA and USGS are leading a study to design a 3D Nation Requirements and Benefits Study. This presentation will explain the 3D Nation Study background and goals, which include refreshing the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment beyond the initial 8-year acquisition program, understanding the requirements and benefits of inland, nearshore, and offshore bathymetric data, and understanding how those requirements and benefits dovetail in the coastal zone. Stakeholders for this study include Federal, State, Local, Tribal, Non-Profit, Academia, and Private organizations and agencies. This presentation will include an overview of the study, timeline and a preliminary assessment of results such as study participants, mission critical activities, geographic areas of interest, data requirements for an integrated national elevation dataset, and the future benefits that could be realized if federal agencies could meet some or all of the stated requirements for elevation data.


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