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Applications of Waveform Descriptors in Data Analysis

05 Feb 2018
3:25 pm - 3:50 pm
Centennial F-H

Applications of Waveform Descriptors in Data Analysis

The focus of this talk will be the utilization of waveform-based descriptors in data analysis. While many existing methods of lidar classification rely predominantly on the geometry of the point cloud, use of detailed pulse information will be shown to offer compelling alternatives. Point cloud segmentation based on a statistical characterization of the waveform will be demonstrated on a variety of datasets, with comparisons made to traditional methodology. The relationship between observed feature type and pulse shape as well as the classification techniques that capitalize on this relationship will be discussed. The methods developed will be extended to augment image classification for enhanced analysis of combined data sets.

Track Name: Advanced Geo-Technologies
Session Date: Feb 5 2018 3:25 pm – 3:50 pm


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