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Getting Survey-Grade Accuracy from a UAV: Real-world Considerations and Applications

Jan 29 2019
3:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Centennial F-H

Getting Survey-Grade Accuracy from a UAV: Real-world Considerations and Applications

As many survey and mapping companies have learned all too well, getting survey-grade accuracy data from a drone is challenging. Drone technology has advanced rapidly, and getting a drone into the air and collecting data has become simple. However just getting airborne and taking pretty photographs is not good enough. For a drone to be worthwhile investment for surveyors and mappers, it has to deliver data that is consistent, repeatable, an dsurvey-grade. As the accepted industry standard software for drone photogrammetry, Pix4D has deep knowledge of what it takes to get valuable data from drone imagery. As head of training for North America, Jeffrey Miller is on the front lines of helping clients obtain the valuable high-accuracy data. In this talk, Jeffrey Miller brings in one of Pix4D?s leading customers when it comes to producing top-accuracy survey data by drone: Aerotas. Aerotas has trained hundreds of surveyors on standard operating procedures for drone data collection, and has used Pix4D to complete several thousand drone photogrammetry and CAD drafting projects, giving them deep expertise on what it takes to succeed. As an ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist in UAS and a drone enthusiast, Aerotas Founder & CEO Logan Campbell brings a unique perspective to the co-located ILMF & ASPRS audience. In this seminar, Jeffrey Miller and Logan Campbell will break down the keys from getting from drone data collection to survey-grade CAD linework. They will begin by answering a key and often overlooked question: when it comes to drone surveying, what does ?accuracy? actually mean? They will then use this framing to walk through the key steps in a drone survey mission, from setting up and planning for the drone data collection to bringing raw data through Pix4D, and ensuring that accuracy is maintained throughout. For surveyors and mappers, the ultimate need when using a drone is consistency & predictability of accuracy. Miller and Campbell will walk through actual case studies to reveal where and how unpredictable sources of error can lead to inconsistent final map accuracy. The two co-presenters will leverage their deep experience to share anecdotes, stories, and examples from the field to illustrate the points they make. This presentation will offer attendees a rare opportunity to hear from leaders from both sides of the table: the technology creators and the technology end-users. Attendees can expect to walk away with actionable takeaways and best practices to improve the real-world accuracy of their drone survey and mapping projects.


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