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LiDAR Odometry for Autonomous Underground Flight

Jan 28 2019
2:50 pm - 3:10 pm
Centennial F-H

LiDAR Odometry for Autonomous Underground Flight

The M3Robotics lab is developing an autonomous flying platform capable of navigating through a mining environment to assist with mapping and assessment of unknown underground environments. This project has several aspects ranging from the platform development, sensor selection, sensor fusion, and navigation algorithms. The full system is being deployed at Colorado School of Mines’s Edgar Experimental Mine, with the goal of achieving fully autonomous flight within the underground workings. A significant challenge faced by this platform is extracting odometry data from this environment. This talk will provide an overview of the challenges associated with autonomous navigation in the underground, our use of LiDAR to map and extract our ego-motion in these spaces, and our perspective on the challenges and benefits of LiDAR based navigation in these environments.


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