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Mapping the Big Island using Single Photon Lidar

Jan 30 2019
12:00 pm - 12:15 pm
Centennial A-C

Mapping the Big Island using Single Photon Lidar

Woolpert was tasked by NOAA and the USGS to map Hawaii’s largest island in early 2018. Considering the rugged terrain of the island, dense vegetation, and the non-favorable weather conditions which narrows the window of opportunity, Woolpert wanted a lidar technology that can acquire the data in the shortest time possible while maximizing points cloud density. We found that a lidar system based on single photon technology is the most obvious choice to use for the project. Woolpert used the Leica SPL100 which is known for its massive productivity, efficiency, and positional accuracy that meets USGS QL1 and QL2 to acquire the data. Although, the weather prevented us from completing the job as planned, much of the project was flown and data was collected successfully. This presentation discusses acquisition planning and specifications, data quality, data accuracy, operational challenges, and plans for future data acquisition.


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