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Using LiDAR to Survey 1,000 Bridges in Kentucky

Jan 28 2019
2:50 pm - 3:10 pm
Centennial A-C

Using LiDAR to Survey 1,000 Bridges in Kentucky

The daunting task of repairing or replacing over one thousand bridges in the Bridging Kentucky program starts at the point of data collection. How fast and accurate can you survey the terrain, substructure, piers, substructure and hydraulic opening of a bridge for design engineering construction plans? Will you form a land survey team to field collect and model close to a hundred bridges per month? Qk4 has LiDAR; why don’t you just scan all the bridges at a high resolution and throw the point clouds into a drawing?

Beginning in May 2018, the Bridging Kentucky project consulting team was awarded the largest compiled bridge contract in the history of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The objective was to develop and implement a program to address the needs of Kentucky’s rural infrastructure improving safety, access and mobility for all Kentuckians. Land survey, one of the key disciplines in the program charter, has rewritten the standards to field collect and 3D model these bridges using every tool in the land survey toolbox including LiDAR. Learn the details proposed to the program administration and how the process has moved the survey task ahead of schedule and under budget.


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