January 28-30, 2019 | Hyatt Regency | Denver, CO
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Adam LeWinter

Mr. Adam LeWinter

Research Physical Scientist - US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory


As a research physical scientist, LeWinter conducts research in the field of terrain analysis and remote sensing for characterizing terrain-based processes using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology. He is a LiDAR subject matter expert within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He specializes in change detection and quantification of large terrain movement over time, sensor integration, and LiDAR systems development. He applies ground-based and airborne LiDAR technologies towards topographic surface change measurements and flow estimation in glacial, volcanic, and seismic environments; conducts building thermal envelope assessments using a custom designed LiDAR/thermal infrared camera system; develops automated terrestrial laser scanning systems for constant monitoring of snow and ice; incorporates time-lapse photography for studying tidewater and land-terminating glacier dynamics and ice sheet ablation zone monitoring; supports research in snow water equivalent (SWE) estimation in mountains; and develops automated climate stations, time-lapse cameras, thermal infrared camera systems, and laser profiling systems for use in remote locations. LeWinter is building programs within CRREL around LiDAR/thermal infrared sensor integration and the use of unmanned airborne systems for LiDAR/imagery collection, along with rapid and low-cost deployment of airborne LiDAR sensors. Prior to joining the technical staff at CRREL, LeWinter worked with the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS). His experience before EIS was as a design engineer and machinist, bringing his practical experience in product design and fabrication to the custom-made time-lapse camera packages used by EIS. LeWinter also managed the expeditions and fieldwork for EIS, as well as capturing the project through still photography and video, and was part of the Academy Award winning production team on the documentary Chasing Ice.

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