February 5-7, 2018 | Denver, CO
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Eric Larour

Eric Larour

Cryosphere Scientist - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Dr. Eric Larour is the project lead for the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), a state of the art ice flow modeling software developed at JPL in collaboration with University of California Irvine. Its main goal is to model the evolution of the mass balance of polar ice caps (Antarctica and Greenland) projected into the near future (10-100 years). The project is funded by the NASA Modeling, Analysis and Prediction (MAP) program, as well as the Cryosphere Program, JPL R&D, and the NSF Office of Polar Programs.

He received his M.Sc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris. His research interests include data assimilation of remote sensing observations into projections of ice sheet mass balance and sea level rise; forward modeling of polar ice caps using large-scale, high-resolution, multi-physics, multi-model based finite element ice flow models; and development of high-performance parallelized computer architectures for modeling Cryosphere processes.

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