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Mark Corrao

Mark Corrao

Tech Department Manager - Northwest Management, Inc


Dr. Corrao is a managing partner of Northwest Management, Inc. and has expertise in many diverse aspects of rangeland, forest and water resources, their management, analysis, and related policy. His experience in Wyoming as a DEQ liaison between the Wyoming BLM and Colorado EPA, his experience in Montana as a DNR water rights permit writer for 11 Counties, and his experience across the West as a project lead for multiple Tribes and Indigenous peoples while at NMI, affords him a unique perspective in natural resource analysis. Mark has more than nine years of field inventory experience, 15 years in public outreach, and seven years’ experience in geospatial analysis and processing. Specific experience includes: Published research in geospatial analysis of airborne LiDAR data to assess forage cover and near-surface morphology in rangeland ecosystems throughout the extent of the State of Idaho, and current work focused on LiDAR applications to forest inventory. Dr. Corrao has worked across the disciplines of soil physics, water resources, applications of remote technology, and environmental policy. He holds a B.S. in Forest Ecosystem Management, M.S. in Watershed Hydrology, and a multi-disciplinary Ph.D. in Soils Physics and Environmental Law.

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Mar 25 2020
11:30 am - 12:30 pm


Geo Week


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