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Scott B Luthcke

Scott B Luthcke

Chief, Geodesy and Geophysics Laboratory - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Scott B. Luthcke has over 20 years of experience in space geodesy, satellite measurement modeling and remote sensing for Earth and Planetary science applications. He has numerous publications ranging from 1 cm precision orbit determination, to spaceborne laser altimeter calibration, to ice sheet and glacier mass balance from satellite gravimetry.  Scott has been published in SCIENCE and has appeared on the Discovery Channel in the Naked Science special Earth from Above.  He has been involved in the development, operations and science of numerous missions including: TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1&2, Shuttle Laser Altimeter, ICESat-1&2, DESDynI, Operation Ice Bridge, GRACE, and GEDI. Scott B. Luthcke is the recipient of the following notable individual awards: The 2010 Robert H. Goddard Award in Engineering Exceptional Achievement, The 2007 NASA Earth Science Exceptional Achievement Award, The 2006 Robert H. Goddard Award in Science Exceptional Achievement, the 2010 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal in Science and most notably the 2014 William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science Achievements.

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